What Our Families are Saying

I enrolled my daughter Reva in Aarambh in June 2019. Joining Aarambh in the SHILP program has been the best thing that has happened to her. I have seen her grow more and more independent in self help and problem solving skills, with each passing week. There have been massive behavior improvements too. Another skill she achieved was typing, initially with full manual support and now almost independently. For the first time in her life, I am feeling hopeful that she can have a a fruitful future ahead. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Anita Bhaskaran and Anita Bhagwat for the immense love and support they have showered on our children, and for seeing the potential in them!



My daughter took sessions from Anita maam. In the initial days, I totally did not have any idea on how to handle things because she had behavior and expression issues. With one on one sessions and with the guidance of Anita maam on how to handle things day to day there was an immense improvement with her. She has now started expressing herself. She is really good in academics now. She has developed the habit of reading. Anita maam taught me how to strategically use all the positive skills and streamline it. For every tough situation of mine she was there to give a solution and by implementing all of them step by step by really happy with the progress she has made and she is continuing to make. All the doubt and anxiousness I had it is all gone and big thanks to Aarambh.

Sushmita Srivastva


Aarambh Foundation has helped my son bridge the gaps he had and made him understand the concepts required at his age. Initially he had delayed milestones and difficulty in understanding concepts. Now at age 4, he can write alphabet with support, label many words  by looking at the flash cards, identify colours, builds blocks and tries to draw simple pictures. Right from the first day assessment with very positive person Anita Bhaskaran,  therapist Sushmita and Anita Bhagwat has helped him a lot to grow. Anita Bhagwat is a veteran in special ed field who always sets a level higher for him and beautifully guides him to achieve it. She is one among the few caring therapists who called us to enquire about our son in this lockdown and shared many home schedules. Sushmita is very energetic and never failed to encourage me in whenever I feel down. She taught him in a playway method just like she handles her own child. Aarambh is a center of selfless and dedicated team that takes care that your child reaches the next level and boosting parent confidence too.



What do I say about Aarambh?
It is run by two amazingly professional women Anita Bhaskaran and Anita Bhagwat. Anita Bhaskaran has been my son’s special educator for the last one year. I met her much before that and was struck by how grounded and knowledgable she was.At that point in time she was heading a special school and later she moved on to start her own set up namely Aarambh.I then approached her to take classes for my son Dhruv. With 18 years of solid experience under her belt, she has worked with children of varying abilities and is well aware of the challenges and strengths that accompany Autism and other disorders. She can be firm without being pushy and knows how to get work out of a child. My son Dhruv has definitely benefited from her classes and I wish team Aarambh all the best.

Suja Pisharody


We are very grateful to  Aarambh foundation. Ever since Anita Mam started working with our Son, Shreyansh (6 years old at that time) 1 year back, we have seen significant improvement in all aspects (Academic, General awareness). He is now inching closer towards his regular grade standard.

Great thing about Shreyansh time with Mam is, he is always energetic to engage with Mam and we were also learn from Mam and replicate the inputs at home. I would strongly recommend Aarambh foundation to other parents who are in need of help.

We are always inspired by the care and love Anita Mam(s) have towards kids and the social responsibility they have, which we rarely find with educational institutions.
Siri and Sandeep Reddy


I have been associated with Aarambh since a year. However my association with Ms.Anita Bhagwatand Ms.Anita Bhaskaran has been for the last 5 years. They both play a pivotal role in my son’s life and growth.

Their patience, diligence and positive outlook towards life have been inspirational for me. Words are beyond limit to express my thank you to them, and I pray that they continue to render their services to parents like me and elevate Aarambh to greater heights.



Hi Anita mam,
You are my first teacher. I like to argue with you because you answer all my questions. You have more patience. You are a lovable person.
Thank you.